Jacob Lawl Moment
That's him!
Gender Male
Species Spam
Episode eliminated N/A
Place Wherever the challenges are held
Friends Typewriter (alliance)
Enemies None Revealed
Color Dark Blue, Dark Green, Maroon

"Hello, bored! My name is Jacob. How are yo-" ~ [insert first episode name here]

Jacob is a contestant who happens to be the first one the creator came up with, hence why he is favored by the creator. Now back on track... Jacob is a male contestant who is in an alliance with Typewriter and (not revealed). His team name originated when he complained about all the stupid team names that everyone came up with. Then (not revealed) said "Says the one that looks like SPAM!" and that was the team name. To this day, he still hates (not revealed).


WFQP has not released any episodes yet. Expect them minimum 5/1/13, maximum 9/15/13.


  • As you know, Jacob was the first contestant the creator came up with, hence why he is favored by him.
  • The idea of Jacob came from here.
  • The creator is rooting for Jacob to win WFQI.
  • This was the first contestant to have their idle made.


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